The search for quality, innovation and development, a combination denoting modernity and tradition as well as the careful upkeep of the image alongside a respect for the environment, all make up a paradigm at Bodega Marqués de Vizhoja, reflected in its range of products, wines that have become high watermarks within the wine industry.


This is the most famous wine from the Peláez family, their most personal white wine, the seed of their bodegas. Perfect for enjoying throughout the year, on its own or accompanied by all manner of foods.

Type of wine: White wine | Vintage 2018 | 11,5 Vol. 

Yellow straw color with notes of green.

Fresh scent, fine and penetrating with touches of fruit.

Its refined, balanced taste brings to mind apple, pear and soft notes of citrus.

For all types of food. Especially shrimp, seafood and fine pasta.

Consumption temperature: between 8 and 10 degrees.




This is the purest Albariño wine of the bodegas. A Rias Baixas, developed with 100% manually selected and recollected grapes from 38 hectares of vineyard belonging to Finca La Moreira.

Torre La Moreira was the first Albariño wine to include the Braille reading system on its labeling, another show of the bodega’s social responsibility reflected in its policy aimed at integration.

The quality of this wine has been bestowed with various distinctions, among which is its inclusion in Wine Enthusiastic where it was given 90 points. 

Type of wine: D.O. Rias Baixas | Vintage 2018 | Vol. 12.5 

Type of grape: 100% Albariño.

Yellow straw color with notes of green.

From its intense and complex scent, it calls to mind apple, pear and aromatic herbs.

Its sweet, frank, soft and fruity flavor.

With all types of foods, especially shrimp, seafood, white meats and fine pasta.

Consumption temperature: between 8 and 10 degrees.




This is the bodega’s most exclusive Albariño wine from County Do Tea. Only 10,000 bottles are sold per year. A Rias Baixas developed with Albariño grapes (70%), Treixadura grapes (15%) and Loureira grapes (15%), all of which are cultivated and selected by Finca La Moreira.

At the vineyard dedicated to the development of this wine, what is known as green pruning is carried out in summertime. A pruning of 40% of the bunches is carried out so as to guarantee the optimal growth of what remains.

Type of wine: D.O. Rias Baixas | Vintage 2018 | Vol. 12.5 

Type of grape: 70% Albariño, 15% Treixadura y 15% Loureira 

Development: Careful consumption cooled between 5 and 7 degrees, and macerated between 14 and 16 hours with a fermentation at a soft 14 degrees, which lasts 16 days. 

Yellow straw color with notes of green.

Its full and sweet aroma calls to mind mature fruit with floral traces. 

Its fresh, thick, select, warm and different flavor. 

With all types of foods, especially shrimp, seafood, spreads and smoked foods. 

Consumption temperature: between 8 and 10 degrees.




The liquor-related activity carried out by Bodegas Marqués de Vizhoja, initiated with the Gotas del Marqués (Marqués Drops), has its line of D’Vizhoja bottled liqueurs: liqueur cream, coffee liqueur, orujo moonshine, herb liqueur, brandy, dry anise, Añejo Dominican rum and Scottish whiskey, presented in 70cl bottles and sold both nationally and internationally.

D’Vizhoja was born in 2014 as a response to demand in the market. These bottled liqueurs join Gotas del Marqués to offer a product that is labeled, controlled and professionalized throughout the entire chain of hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as food with which the end client can enjoy his/her drink, bringing together hygienic, sanitary guarantees with the highest quality standards.

The D’Vizhoja Liqueurs are:

Orujo Moonshine | Herb Liqueur | Cream Liqueur | Coffee Liqueur




In 2007, after years of research and development, Bodegas Marqués de Vizhoja launched its singular line of Gotas del Marqués to the market, single-use Orujo moonshine presented in exclusive packaging with an easy opening and anti-drip system.

Its exceptional reception in the marketplace allowed for the Gotas del Marqués family to be completed with Liqueur Cream, Herb Moonshine, Dry Anise, Brandy, Añejo Dominican Rum and Scotch Whiskey. Conceived so as to provide a solution that would be hygienic, professionalized and with the optimum guarantees for the client or restaurateur, Gotas del Marqués seeks to deliver the perfect dose of liqueur to your coffees, spicing up your consumption with the appropriate amount, allowing for one to enjoy the flavor of the distillate without adding too much alcohol to the base beverage.

The Gotas del Marqués has received the prestigious Innoval award in foods in 2012, as well as distinctions from Sial D’Or at Sial Paris, 2012. In both cases, it was hailed for its innovating character, mixed marketing and successful commercialization.

The selection of Gotas del Marqués consists of:

Orujo Moonshine | Herb Liqueur | Cream Liqueur | Coffee Liqueur | Dry Anise | Brandy | Scotch Whiskey | Añejo Dominican Rum


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